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Fantasy Football – ‘Hello’ by Adele Parody

Sunday, December 20th, 2015


We’ve all been there. Thinking we had the greatest fantasy football draft of all time, only to have it busted weeks later due to injury or underperformance. Here’s a song to let it all out.

Oh no, can’t be
Strategizing for all these years
I thought for sure I’d be holding a trophy

They say my Luck would change ya
But Andrew’s spleen still healing

Oh no, Bell’s on the IR
DeAngelo is in Free Agency, but I don’t have priority
If he were younger & spry
Peyton would have had 50 touchdowns, instead he has bad feet

I drafted Eddie, first round
And he rides the bench

Why do I play fantasy?
I must’ve cursed a thousand times!
I will say I’m sorry, that you broke your knee
But that just means, Jamaal Charles, you screwed my team

Another wasted season!
Who could say they saw Bortles’ rise?
Good thing I grabbed Marshawn, to pair with Forsett
But it don’t matter, my fantasy team will not win, anymore


Liu Kang is HAPPY

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Nothing makes Liu Kang happier than a fatality mashup!